A Swedish Adventure: A Youth Exchange to Remember

Sweden Erasmus Youth Exchange

Embarking on a New Adventure

Back in October, a group of teenagers, five each from Malta, Sweden, Germany, and Spain, embarked on what would become a memorable journey to Sweden. It was their first youth exchange ever. Organised by the incredible team at “Awesome People,” this week-long adventure promised learning, fun, and cultural immersion – and it delivered on all fronts.

The Buzz Before the Trip

The excitement began well before we set foot in Sweden. A WhatsApp group created for all participants and leaders exploded with messages of excitement and anticipation. The group’s activity was a clear indicator of the eagerness and curiosity among everyone. Messages flew back and forth as participants started forming bonds and friendships.

A Leap into Cultural and Linguistic Exploration

As the week unfolded, any initial hesitation to speak English from international participants quickly dissolved, thanks to the supportive and encouraging environment. The main language of the youth exchange was English, but we all dived into learning Spanish, German, Swedish, and Maltese, discovering their rich cultures. By the end, everyone had enriched their linguistic repertoire with phrases and songs in five different languages. The Maltese songs “Fonzu Fenech” and “ABC” songs were particularly popular hits!

More Than Just Games

At the heart of this youth exchange was an exploration of how board games can impact cognitive skills, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. The organisers demonstrated how these fun activities could be powerful tools for learning and development. A hands-on session creating an educational escape room and then sharing the results with local youths in Kopparberg, was especially rewarding.

Erasmus Youth Exchange

A Week of Firsts and Lasting Impressions

Each day was a new adventure. The cultural nights, games, and parties added layers of joy and discovery. For many, it was their first time seeing snow, bbq in snow, spotting a deer, or transforming our rooms into a Halloween-themed house. These ‘firsts’ were not just exciting but were moments that broadened our horizons.

Personal Testimonials

Here’s what some of the young participants had to say:

“It was such a great experience, I met so many amazing people and did many new things. I would definitely do this again!”

“This experience was amazing. I’ve met so many people, made connections, and memories, and learned so much. I’m sad it had to end but hopeful for more opportunities like this in the future.”“Such a good experience. I made so many good friends and amazing memories!”

“An amazingggg experience! I learned new skills and cultures and made really close friends.”

“It was so amazing! The best experience I could ever wish for!!!”

Here’s what some of the young participants had to say:

Farewells and Future Plans

As the exchange drew close, the goodbyes were heartfelt, but the spirit of collaboration and friendship remained strong. The bonds formed were so profound that plans for future projects and reunions started taking shape almost immediately. By sharing our experiences on social media, we also inspired other youngsters to explore Erasmus+ opportunities.

Looking Forward

This youth exchange in Sweden was more than just a trip; it was a journey of growth, understanding, and connection. Everyone returned home with a suitcase full of memories, skills, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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