Art in the City – Creative Minds at Work

Towards the end of the summer holidays, we organized a fun outing for a group of art lovers. Some students chose art as an extra subject for their O-levels, and some practice art as a hobby. This activity was specifically designed to go hand in hand with Malta’s national cultural policy (2021). This policy addresses the immediate needs of art and culture and recognises the values they bring to society and our well-being. 

Erasmu Plus Activity - Art In The City

The Erasmus Plus Activity

We planned a visit to the MUZA national museum of art in Valletta and another visit to Spazju Kreattiv. Here we visited the exhibition 150| Richard Ellis, which displays photos from the period in Malta and Gozo between 1861 and 1938. 

Erasmus Plus - Spazju Kreattiv & Muza - Creative Minds at Work

Young Creative Minds @ Work

Students brought their own sketchbooks and had a chance to draw inside the Muza museum. Thanks to the variety of displayed art, they could see different styles and techniques. This created a healthy discussion about different tastes in art and how art can become not only a hobby but a fulfilling career.  

Erasmus Plus Activity - Creative Minds At Work

Thanks to our partnership on an Erasmus+ project “I hear you(th)” with Olde Vechte Foundation, our students also had an opportunity to purchase a number of art supplies. These will be used during their studies. We received great feedback from the group and we are currently working on other ideas for art-related projects. Stay tuned!