European Youth Week: Erasmus Opportunities Workshop

Erasmus Youth Exchange Workshop

"A Projekta survey carried out in late 2023 on a sample of 160 youths revealed a a startling statistic that 41% had no to little knowledge on the Erasmus+ program. This is a gap we are determined to close. Here’s how we took action during European Youth Week."

This April 14th marked a significant milestone in Projekta’s journey to foster active citizenship and collaboration among the youth. As part of the vibrant European Youth Week, we hosted an informative event aimed at 13 to 30-year-olds, introducing them to the numerous opportunities provided by the EU and Erasmus+ programs. The focus was not only on educational enrichment but also on critical civic engagement, highlighted by the upcoming MEP elections.

High Engagement and Creative Exploration

We welcomed around 40 young participants, predominantly aged between 13 and 18, who brought great energy and curiosity to the event. The programme was structured around informative and interactive sessions where we explained the EU’s structure and how young people can get involved in Erasmus+-funded projects. Our activities, designed under the EU Youth Strategy’s motto—Connect, Engage, Empower—included everything from grasping the application process to brainstorming and planning actual projects.

Participants got hands-on experience in brainstorming sessions using our specially designed templates. This practical approach sparked their creativity and led them to design their own Erasmus youth exchange projects. By the end of the event, they had come up with over 16 project ideas! These ranged from environmental sustainability and mental health to cultural heritage and improving political participation, with special projects aimed at supporting young people from island communities who often have fewer opportunities.

Building Bridges to Erasmus+

This event was a key part of “Bridge to Erasmus+”, a broader initiative that seeks to overcome the challenges Maltese youth face in accessing EU projects. It’s a crucial effort that equips young individuals not only with the practical skills needed for navigating the Erasmus+ project application process but also encourages them to engage thoughtfully with their communities and the wider world.

Looking Ahead: Fostering Erasmus Youth Exchanges

The success of this event has only strengthened our commitment towards empowerment and creativity. We aim to cultivate a community of young, critical and innovative thinkers who are not just aware of their European opportunities but are actively engaged in shaping their environments. We’re excited to expand the variety of projects available and to continue our educational outreach, eager to see the new ideas and initiatives these brilliant young minds will bring to life.

Join Us! Discover Erasmus+: Opportunities and Friendships Await

We’ve received fantastic feedback from our recent European Youth Week event, and Projekta is excited to welcome more young people aged 13-30. Didn’t make the last event? No problem! There’s always room for you to explore the rich Erasmus+ opportunities available.

Why Join Us?

  • Expand Your Education with unique learning experiences and cultural exchanges through Erasmus+ programs.
  • Build Connections with passionate young minds eager to make a difference.
  • Develop Skills that position you as a proactive leader in European initiatives.
  • Forge Friendships with peers who share your interests.

Embrace Your Erasmus+ Journey

Join our upcoming events to dive into the myriad opportunities that Erasmus+ offers. Enhance your life academically, professionally, and socially.

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Erasmus Youth Exchange
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