I Hear You(th)! – Mental Wellbeing

I Hear You(th)! was a week-long Erasmus+ project targeting mental wellbeing for youth workers. Projekta was a partner in this project and participated with three representatives from Malta.   The training took place in the picturesque town of Ommen in the Netherlands, surrounded by beautiful countryside and enchanting river with gorgeous little houses. It was like straight out of a fairy-tale! 

The Erasmus Plus Project

The 6-day training programme was all about mental well-being and focused on how to bring awareness on mental health into your community or organization; how to take care of yourself as a youth worker and how to take care of the people around you. We all tend to take certain things for granted but this project made us pause and think about what can be improved to ensure everyone’s well-being.

The I Hear Youth - Erasmus Team

The Mental Wellbeing Workshops

Movement and sharing workshops were the main part of this project.  We got to know how other organizations work and learn from each other. Several partner countries offered great workshops, which were very insightful and mind-opening! 

Meeting all the different cultures, networking and creating new connections is always the best part of any project! We would like to thank Zsofi Gaudi and the Olde Vechte Foundation for writing this project and inviting us to be part of it!

Also a huge thank you to Viviana and Pavla for joining us on this project from Malta! 

Stay tuned for some more info about the last part of this project, which will happen in Malta and YOU can take part!  Get in touch if you would like to participate in this and similar future projects!