Lets Bring Your Ideas to Life!

We design and organise Erasmus+ projects and activities for various groups and ages. Our projects are mostly related to art, culture & heritage, books & storytelling, environment and entrepreneurship. We develop new ideas, foster creativity, critical thinking and we encourage social entrepreneurship.

Based in sunny Malta, an island rich in history where English is an official language, Projekta is your strategic Erasmus+ partner to help you discover your creative side!

What We Do

We promote and implement innovative practices in organisations and schools to foster creativity & entrepreneurship among young people.

We Plan

Planning is the most crucial
stage in any project. We help you identify goals, mitigate risks and reach  your milestones by prioritizing critical tasks for a successful outcome of your project.  Our skilled team is ready to help from the start!

We Manage

Proper Project Management is the glue that holds a project together and ensures value and milestones are reached successfully. We can manage your project from beginning to end, ensuring that the initiatives and goals are strategically aligned.

We Deliver

Projects are usually under immense pressure to be completed on budget and on time. We help you plan time and resources to deliver and test quality output at every stage, guaranteeing a successful outcome for your project.

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Do you enjoy meeting new people, working on interesting educative and cultural projects, sharing your knowledge and gaining more experience? If you like to combine travelling abroad, training and personal development, then…

Projekta Malta Erasmus

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If you are an educational institution looking for an Erasmus+ partner, we have a lot to offer! Based in history and culture rich islands of Malta, Projekta is your key partner, specialising amongst other things in English language improvement programmes.

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